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Sudo 2
Sudo 2
Sudo 2
Sudo 2
Sudo 2

Sudo 2

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Introducing Sudo 2, a superfine, supersoft, JBO-free, high quality two-ply rope.

Since we started, we were searching for a top quality 2-ply rope. The two-ply construction has some benefits, notably durability and stability. We are very happy to say we have found a super quality rope that may become our standard. 

It is so soft from the start that it needs no softening at all. Sudo 2 feels fantastic after just a few uses and soon looks and feels like your favourite Japanese loose-lay rope - amazing. But importantly, it is more stable, more resilient, more resistant to damage and going out of balance because of the construction.

It starts as 6mm but settles at 5.5mm with use, an ideal thickness. 

This rope is made without any harmful chemicals, JBO-free with a light grassy aroma when new. It is amazing, you should really try it.

We do offer full conditioning on this rope and while not essential it does make it even better. We use a comprehensive process that removes a great deal of the initial shed of fibres, renders the ropes incredibly soft, moisturised and ready for immediate use. Our process does not involve singeing, 'breaking' the rope through a carabiner, washing, baking or any of the generally suggested methods, most of which actually damage rope.

The construction of Sudo 2 is different from our single-ply ropes: normal ropes are made with a number of yarns twisted one way to make a strand, then brought together with other strands and twisted the opposite way to make a rope. Two-ply ropes add a step at the start: micro-yarns, in this case five, are twisted in one direction to make micro strands. Seven of these are then treated as yarns and twisted the opposite direction to make strands, and three of these strands are brought together and, once more, twisted the original direction to form the rope. Th result is a rope that has multiple balanced tensions playing off each other thereby improving stability and durability.