If you are new to rope bondage it can be difficult to know which rope to choose.

This page will try to help. This will be very brief. Google will help you find more comprehensive information.

The first rule is to buy the best rope you can afford. Avoid trying to save a buck on something this important. Having said that, price is not the only indicator of quality – on our site all the rope we stock have been thoroughly vetted, so you can choose any of our ropes with confidence.

A second choice to make is whether you want the rope untreated or if you want us to pamper or condition it for you. 

Read all the following and click the one you think best describes your needs. Each will take you to a collection or product that matches those needs.


I have sensitive skin, and looking for JBO-free jute

I am a beginner and on a tight budget

I am a beginner and have some spare cash

I want something colourful

I am accomplished and on a tight budget

I need a lot of rope and cost is a factor

I want the strongest Jute you sell 

I dont know, just give me what you think is best all-round 

I want to buy rope in bulk quantities

I want to resell


We sell mostly jute, and carry one linen hemp as an alternative. In general, jute is lighter handling, with more energy and 'faster' movement. This can be an important factor if your ties are complex, or you have an energetic style. 

Rope material choice is very personal. Each material offers something unique so don't hesitate to explore.