Apprentice Kit Asanawa
Apprentice Kit Asanawa
Apprentice Kit Asanawa

Apprentice Kit Asanawa

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6 x 8 meter ropes of Tokyo Asanawa in 6mm or 5mm 

Safety Shears

100ml Sudo Ropecream

When you're really getting into it. Very good value set of Tokyo Asanawa in your choice of 6mm or 5mm. The price is as low as you'll find anywhere. This rope is used by some legit masters.

This is the rope commonly referred to as OGAWA. It has been the only rope used for years by Naka Akria, Nawashi Kanna and many others, also Tamandua and many others in the West.

We are happy to offer this at the same or better price than just about anywhere in the world.

It is a loose lay Japanese rope, traditional and very well suited for shibari. It ages beautifully and becomes soft and smooth. This rope rewards good technique and proper handling. 

No frills set to keep value up. Expect six coiled ropes, emergency safety shears and a tub of our organic Ropecream, with a perfect mix of Jojoba, Tsubaki oil and beeswax to care for your ropes. (Vegan option available)

If you choose the conditioning option, we will run your ropes through the full process at massive saving compared to individual ropes. Recommended, especially at this price, but not essential.

Introductory, pre-Covid price!

Images show unconditioned 6mm ropes, the last image shows close-up of the texture with and without conditioning.