All our ropes are made of natural fibre. By its nature natural fibres are variable in strength and no respectable vendor will guarantee a load rating.

!! Do your own tests to ensure that the ropes are suitable for your purpose.

!! Ropes can break suddenly and unexpectedly. Always make sure that you prioritise safety and err on the side of caution.

!! Do not attempt things that are beyond your level of competence. Get proper training or work under qualified supervision.


All forms of rope bondage are inherently high-risk, and potentially fatal. Before starting, take a moment to really let this sink in again. The safety of the rope bottom is paramount.

- Make sure that everyone involved are aware of the risks, are fully informed and participating with free, full and enthusiasticlucid  and revocable consent.

- Make sure that you know about all basic safety and accident prevention, and that both parties know location of vulnerable nerves and how to prevent and detect nerve compression and damage. Always be 100% attentive to the well-being of your partner. LISTEN to the bottom, if they say something feels wrong, and adjust or remove the problem.

- Do not suspend a person without comprehensive, extensive and proper training from a qualified teacher, preferably one-on-one (a couple of workshops are not enough). 

- Never, ever leave a person in bondage unattended, even for a minute. Always have safety shears at hand and don’t hesitate to use it. Rope can be replaced, people can’t. Safe is sexy.*

*If you had to cut ropes because of an emergency, get in touch. We will try set you up again.

  • This is a natural product and cannot be rated for load bearing properties. Fibres may break unexpectedly
  • Consider enquiring about kevlar or similar reinforced jute ropes for load bearing applications
  • Please ensure that this product suits your requirements before use, and always err on the side of caution 
  • Inspect each rope for damage before and after use and discard if damaged
  • Do not shock-load these natural fibre ropes
By using rope that you have purchased from Sudo Jute in any way and in any application you explicitly indemnify Sudo Jute, its owners, suppliers and associates from all possible consequences of its use **


**Except the good vibes :)


For more information about safety awareness, explore the vast resources on the web or go to Basic Safety. Also try 's free safety videos. Most importantly, get a good teacher.

For teachers in SA, you might want to investigate:  @ropeythings, @desire_lines, @sungakonji