Sudo Jute is a supplier of top quality jute bondage rope. Our business was born to solve the problem of finding high quality, skin-friendly jute rope in South Africa. We are super pleased to now supply rope of the highest quality, as good as can be found anywhere in the world, at the same or better prices than buying abroad, meaning it is available to you in SA for less than buying and shipping from suppliers overseas.

Sudo Jute was created to be a self-sustainable rope supplier to the local community at the highest possible quality level at the best value. It is not a profit-driven business - it is a labour of love, and one that will exist only for as long as it is needed.

We started out by spinning rope by hand from yarn to produce a wonderful rope that has lovely handling and feels silky. Our newest handmade rope, Sudo Honey, is for us the best feeling and most refined rope, as good as we can make it -- the one for those who fetishise the rope a little.

In addition, we offer excellent ropes imported from Japan, in top grade JBO-free White Jute, A-grade JBO-free Golden Tossa jute supervised from farm to you specifically for bondage. In addition classic and famous Japanese ropes in 6mm natural jute and intense colours, also 6mm.


Vegan-friendly, eco-friendly, clean, JBO-free (some), long fiber pure jute. Soft, beautiful, ready to use as is, conditions beautifully and easily, good for you and long-lasting, photographs very well, holds frictions well, handles and looks just great. 

None of our ropes need boiling, breaking or baking (all of which can damage rope) because it is soft and pure. Simply using it will condition it beautifully in no time. For those who, like us, are way too impatient all our ropes will also be offered carefully conditioned.

We take care with the presentation because rope is also a symbol of respect, intent and appreciation. The packaging of our ropes is a direct homage and reference to the culturally specific origin of Japanese rope bondage.


The Japanese word, asanawa, is often translated as hemp (asa) rope (nawa). In our understanding, the Japanese language don't seem to use separate words for jute, hemp etc, the word asa refers in general to natural bast fiber, including jute, hemp and others.


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