Apprentice Kit Gold

Apprentice Kit Gold

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6 x 8 meter ropes of Sudo Gold in your choice of 6mm Traditional, 5.5 and 5mm

Safety Shears

100ml Sudo Ropecream

When you're really getting into it. Very good value set of Sudo Gold. The price is as low as you'll find anywhere. This rope is fast gaining traction in Japan, Europe and the US.

It is a medium loose lay, pure JBO free golden tossa jute rope, made for shibari. It becomes soft and smooth with use or treatment and is more durable because of the tighter lay and excellent fibre quality. 

No frills set to keep value up. Expect six coiled ropes without wrappers, emergency safety shears and a jar of our organic Ropecream, with a perfect mix of Jojoba and beeswax to care for your ropes. 

If you choose the conditioning option, we will run your ropes through the full process at massive saving compared to individual ropes. Recommended. 

Actual pics coming soon. Please note the image shows a set of conditioned ropes as sold individually. In the set it will be coiled but not wrapped to keep costs down.