Tokyo Asanawa RED 6mm
Tokyo Asanawa RED 6mm
Tokyo Asanawa RED 6mm
Tokyo Asanawa RED 6mm
Tokyo Asanawa RED 6mm
Tokyo Asanawa RED 6mm

Tokyo Asanawa RED 6mm

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This rope sells out fast - we recommend that you don't hesitate on your order. You can pre-order out of stock items and we will send as soon as it arrives.

A high quality rope made from golden Tossa fibres in an extraordinarily rich deep shade of dark red, this makes for very powerful visuals.

This is the rope commonly referred to as OGAWA. The name Ogawa refers to the vendor, not to the type of rope.

We are happy to offer this at the same or better price than anywhere in the world.

The rope is super soft and sensual and is very comfortable on skin.

The preferred rope used by many in Japan and Europe, in red or other variants.

Great handling, light and alive

Single ply, 6mm, ~7mm without load, will settle to 6mm with use, 3 strand medium-loose lay.

This rope contains low amounts of JBO, most removed in the colouring process and our conditioning does the rest.

Remember to select your preference of conditioning. Available untreated, if you prefer your own technique.

We condition our ropes in a comprehensive process that renders the ropes incredibly soft, moisturised and ready for immediate use. This process does not involve singeing, 'breaking' the rope through a carabiner, washing, baking or any of the generally suggested methods, most of which actually damage rope.

High quality fibers shed less, and our process removes months' worth of itchy nose fuzzies, leaving you with a rope that feels incredible from day one.