Sudo Gold
Sudo Gold
Sudo Gold

Sudo Gold

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This beautiful rope is made from the Tossa jute plant, corchorus oliotorus, like many others. Unlike all others, it is overseen from seedling to final product to be one of the cleanest, purest and best handling bondage ropes available.

The feel and handling of this jute is wonderful, very soft and supple but also very durable with a medium lay. With use, oils from hands and skin will help polish it up to a soft sheen and it will become an extension of you.

6mm  no longer available 

6mm traditional very low stock

5.5mm This is a true 5.5mm and looks incredible in use. It makes for tight and compact frictions and looks fantastic in photographs. A perfect balance for clean lines and for more complicated ties that require clarity.

5mm This is a true 5mm and looks incredible in use. This rope is best for floorwork and partial suspensions, and the diameter is similar to the rope Yukimura Haruki used to use for his legendary floor and furniture-based ties. It opens a whole new way of tying. Beautiful compact frictions, crisp lines and looks fantastic in real life and on photographs. 

Excellent rope like this is a rare find, especially at this price.  We are very happy to be able to bring you this rope at a price much lower than it's true value. 

This completely clean and natural rope will condition by itself - simply use it often and oil occasionally. But if you want it perfect from day one, our organic and comprehensive conditioning process leaves the ropes completely wonderful, silky soft and with no scratchiness at all. Treated with organic jojoba and beeswax. It feels amazing.

Golden Tossa, JBO-free, medium lay, single ply, low/no-stretch.